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my secret hideaway



This is a secret portal to my wordy world.

Here’s how it came to be...

When I was writing, recording & performing with different record companies throughout the years, I travelled a lot.  Moving between hotels and studios, at all times of the day and night, there was a lot of waiting around, and when I arrived back to my room, buzzing from the creative sessions, I would find it impossible to sleep.

As long as I have held a pencil, I have created stories, drawn comics, written poems, basically scribbled on anything I could find, I am never without a jotter and pen, so during the ‘waiting times’, in airplanes, in airports, in hotels, in rehearsal rooms, and on those sleepless nights, I revisited a story I created in basic form when I was eight years old, one which my mom had kept in a drawer in the hope that someday I would bring it to its full potential.

When I completed the story, it ran as a weekly comic book in an English Newspaper and was very well received.  I also brought an EP out that same year, which included songs I had written for the story.

There was interest from a multinational corporation to develop it as a game, but the world of meetings and legal jargon, left me way out of my depth, and I felt it may be better to first seek out a manager or publisher, who would be up on these issues, and who could advise me correctly.  After much research, (it can be a bit of a maze out there) I thought it easier to start with publishers, but what did i know!  I approached the old fashioned way - sending one manuscript out and waiting for 3 months for a reply!  It was a long drawn out process, lots of rejections, but mainly I couldn’t find a company that welcomed fantasy adventure, regardless of my intensive research, until… one day, quite an established publisher wrote back with great interest.  I was floored.  This time they didn't tell me, that although they liked it, they wouldn’t know where to place it, and wish me luck… this one seemed to know where it could sit in the market, but suggested I try and make it for an older audience. 


I took their advice, and did just that.  But here's the thing, when I created it for an older audience, through its development, it took on its own identity, and became its own unique tale, I call Shine.


Today, Shine is turning into a colossal adventure, one, which I feel needs dividing into a series, with episodes, and then potentially, a novel collection.

I kept the children's version, which stands alone, and which I intend to also divide into episodes.

And both I consider to be multimedia friendly.


I never did end up sleeping by the way… don't think I ever will....

Press on the Wade's Family Crest to take you to my sleepless adventures.... and meet my incredible friends who kept me company whilst living out of a suitcase, and that consequently continue to coexist in my life, listen to the music for the episodes, and enjoy the illustrations from SHINE.

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