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Néa is a singer/songwriter/producer who began writing songs as soon as she started learning piano at 8 years old, and never stopped.  She has and still writes and records with top Musicians in the music business and is an Artist in her own right.  

A former Fashion Model & dancer, Nea got her break into the recording industry when auditioning as a backing singer | hop hop dancer for an up and coming artist, but was then offered a Record deal after singing one of her own songs.

The journey through different record companies took her to many countries writing, performing & producing as a solo artist as well as collaborating with different artists.  She is best known in her native country for radio hits ‘Release my Dreams’ (by Phil Edwards UK) & ‘Free’ (under her maiden name Linnea Rainey - published by Paul Rodriguez Music London, and released under Loose Tie Records London).  Release My Dreams was picked up by DJ Stephen Woods at Cool Fm, and from there, Nea was called upon to embark on a promotional TV & radio tour.

After freeing herself from the last record company, of which her work was predominantly in Europe/Eastern Europe, she finally came home to Northern Ireland and built a small recording studio in her house, where she continues to write, produce and release songs.  She has an extensive worldwide fan base in the streaming world.


She is a comic book fanatic, and the years that she spent travelling around the world with her music, gave her time to write and illustrate fantasy adventure novels.  The most prominent of these, a trilogy, was published & ran as a comic strip in a weekly slot in the Yorkshire Sport, and this is what she hopes to release next year in novel format.

Her lifelong interest in comics & sense of humor can be seen in her music videos.

Nea has written and performed with well known artists, and has lent her vocals on many different projects including cartoon hit albums, and for many of her projects she has worked closely with Michael Weeden (aka Menace) a musical director/producer from New York who has worked with a long list of famous artists, including Latoya Jackson, Madonna, Billy Joel and Whitney Houston.   Combining their different styles, (Nea - commercial pop/rock/ Michael - Funk/R&B), they have completed two albums together which are in high demand online.

Nea is married to Regis, a French tech wiz, and their daughter Raine, who plays guitar, drums, clarinet, piano, and sings, and debuts in "My Secret Hideaway" released June 2022

Secret Hideaway is a comic book turned to life, and also features members of the Sketchelectrix Crew. This can be seen on her YouTube Channel here.

Currently Nea is finishing collaborations with Chamblz  (Chemical Kaos) &, working on new releases with  Lynn OC, as well as continuing to write with Michael Weeden (Menace)

Nea & Lynn OC have just released their 1st collaboration 'Free Falling' which you can view  here

& Nea's recent solo release 'On Standby' - a snow globe breakout stalker, can be viewed here

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